Dan Marse-Kapr is a friendly stand-up comedian from Baltimore with a unique sense of humor and a laid-back stage presence that audiences love. His comedy covers a wide variety of topics, including aquarium memberships, a lemonade stand sabotaged by his father, and the historical origins of garden gnomes.

Dan was always drawn to the idea of becoming a comedian, but initially spent over a decade pursuing an academic career. During this time, however, he found a creative outlet for his humor by writing and performing in various media projects. Most notably, he co-wrote and performed in a satirical movie commentary for the 1996 film Eraser, which was the featured user-submission on Rifftrax.com in March 2014, and ranked at #24 of Rifftrax’s Top 50 “iRiffs.”

After receiving a master’s degree, Dan relocated to Baltimore, where he began performing stand-up comedy, drawing from over a decade of public speaking experience. His years of serious academic study resulted in a sharp, analytical wit and an acute sensitivity to the absurdity of everyday life. As a result, people often describe Dan's material as smart, fun, and original.

Dan has performed all over the country, opening for Laurie Kilmartin, Dan St. Germain, and Mark Normand, and headlining shows in the Baltimore area. He won the Herron Entertainment 2017 Spring Comedy Contest at Eastville Comedy Club in New York, and was a finalist in the 2016 New Comedian of the Year Competition hosted by Magooby's Joke House. Dan studied improv with Baltimore Improv Group, and has appeared in numerous comedy festivals, including the Burbank Comedy Festival in Los Angeles.

Dan's unique brand of comedy is a consistent crowd-pleaser, whether the audience is big or small. Those who see him perform are guaranteed a memorable, highly entertaining experience.