As a stand-up comic, Dan Marse-Kapr brings a fun, laid back energy to the stage. He has a dry wit, a unique sense of humor, and a fast joke-telling pace that audiences love. He specializes in short jokes and one-liners with an absurdist edge. His comedy covers a wide variety of topics, including aquarium memberships, fruit bat documentaries, and the historical origins of garden gnomes.

Dan grew up in rural, small-town New York, and became interested in stand-up comedy at an early age. He was especially fond of the surrealist humor of Steven Wright and Mitch Hedberg. Although he was years away from becoming a live performer, he found many early opportunities to develop his comedy writing skills through personal film projects and other collaborative efforts.

In college he helped create a semi-comedic radio show called The Dan, Dan, and Mordecai Show, where he and his friend Dan were joined by a fictional third host named Mordecai, a mysterious DJ whose voice was never heard, which the other hosts attributed to a faulty microphone. The show lasted for two years, and regularly received phone calls from hecklers. After college, the two Dans co-wrote and recorded a satirical movie commentary for the 1996 Arnold Schwarzenegger film Eraser, which became the featured submission on in March 2014, and ranked at #24 of Rifftrax’s Top 50 “iRiffs.” (They even received fan mail!)

After Dan received his master's degree he decided against his original plan of pursuing an academic career. Instead, he moved to Baltimore with his wife, and several months later he entered the world of stand-up comedy. His educational background proved to be a strong asset; his years of studying subjects like philosophy and ancient history resulted in a sharp, analytical wit and an acute sensitivity to the absurdity of everyday life. As a result, people frequently describe Dan's material as smart, fun, and original.

Dan has performed in clubs and festivals all over the country and has headlined shows in Baltimore, DC, and New York City. He has opened for Dom Irrera, Laurie Kilmartin, Dan St. Germain, Jaqueline Novak, Mark Normand, Naomi Ekperigin, and others. In 2017, he was featured in the "Best of the Fest" lineup for the Burbank Comedy Festival in Los Angeles, and won the Herron Entertainment 2017 Spring Comedy Contest at Eastville Comedy Club. He was also a 2016 finalist in the New Comedian of the Year Competition hosted by Magooby's Joke House. Additionally, Dan studied short-form and long-form improv with Baltimore Improv Group (BIG). 

Dan's distinctive brand of comedy is a consistent crowd-pleaser, whether the audience is big or small. Those who see him perform are guaranteed a memorable, highly entertaining experience.