December 2016 Comedy News


The past two months have been eventful to say the least!

For starters, I created a new Facebook page to replace my old one. The new page is more broadly devoted to all of my comedy. I am a lot more active on this page and it's a great way to keep up with what I'm doing so if you're on Facebook, follow this link to like the page!

At the end of October I was in a Halloween-themed show where about thirty people each performed a three-minute set before a panel of judges who were allowed to heckle. Performers were encouraged to be creative and do whatever they wanted. I pretended to be a failed magician who was reviving his old act. Here's a short clip of me doing a card trick, sort of:

One week later, I performed in my very first roast battle (for anyone who doesn't know, that is when two comics go onstage and insult each other). I did not win but I had a blast. Here's a short, mildly NSFW video:

In addition to performing, I've been generating a lot of online video content in the past two months. In October I began a new web series called "Week in Review," which is a Daily Show-style commentary on current events. There are seven episodes so far, and I'll include a link to the most recent one.

Please be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel since there are literally too many videos to share in a monthly email, including other videos that I haven't even mentioned.

I have one very important show coming up: The New Comedian of the Year Competition at Magooby's Joke House in Timonium, MD. This is an annual competition, and a huge deal in the local comedy scene. The winner of the competition wins $1000 and three hosting gigs at the club. I'll be competing this Thursday (details below) and hopefully advancing to the final round, which is on December 22nd.

Here's a list of some upcoming shows:

New Comedian of the Year Competition
Magooby's Joke House
Baltimore, MD
8pm ~ $10, 2 drink min.

DEC 16
Carolina Kitchen
Washington, DC
Details TBA

DEC 22 (possibly)
New Comedian of the Year Competition
Magooby's Joke House
Baltimore, MD
8pm ~ $10, 2 drink min.

Cellar Door
Frederick, MD
details TBA


Be sure to keep an eye on my website for new updates. Thanks for reading!


October 2016 Comedy News

Hey everyone,

The past few weeks have been very interesting, and there's a lot of exciting stuff to announce, so let's jump right in!

First things first: The good news is that I was featured in a CNN article! The weird news is, the article was about Julia Louis-Dreyfus's father. Confused? You have every reason to be, but at least you can read the article here to see that I'm not making it up.

I also had my first "recognized in the street" moment in Washington DC. Someone remembered seeing me at a venue called Solly's, where I had performed earlier that week for one of the most high-energy audiences I've ever encountered. They were loud and fun and I absolutely loved it! Here's the video of that set (some mild NSFW language, also some background noise which doesn't last for too long into the video):

I have a lot of exciting shows coming up in the next month, so be sure to come see me perform if you get the chance. Here's what my schedule looks like so far:

Martini's Restaurant & Lounge
White Plains, MD
8pm - $5

Hightopps Backstage Grille
Timonium, MD
9pm - FREE

OCT 12
Lures Bar & Grille
Crownsville, MD
9pm [I think it's free but possibly $5]

OCT 13
Ryleigh's Oyster Pub
Baltimore, MD
8pm - FREE

OCT 30
Hightopps Backstage Grille
Timonium, MD
9pm - FREE

NOV 12*
Broadway Comedy Club
New York, NY
6pm - $15, 2 drink min

[*The Nov 12 show is subject to change, as I am waiting to hear whether or not I am booked in a comedy event in Boston. As soon as I know for sure, I will send out an update.]

And now just a few other cool things:

First, a friend of mine designed an amazing logo for me, which I'm delighted to share here:

Also, at a recent open mic I got to meet David Koechner, seen on TV's The Office and in movies like Anchorman. He was super nice, and made a point of talking to every comic who was at that show. So that was exciting!

Finally, on a more serious note, my wife Danielle is raising funds for YWCA USA during Domestic Violence Awareness Month (YWCA is the largest network of domestic violence service in the country). Please consider supporting - any amount helps!

As always, keep an eye on my website for new updates (in fact there are a few fun updates you may want to check out since last month). On the website you can also subscribe to this newsletter if you have not already done so. Thanks for following, and feel free to share this with anyone else who might be interested!