December 2016 Comedy News


The past two months have been eventful to say the least!

For starters, I created a new Facebook page to replace my old one. The new page is more broadly devoted to all of my comedy. I am a lot more active on this page and it's a great way to keep up with what I'm doing so if you're on Facebook, follow this link to like the page!

At the end of October I was in a Halloween-themed show where about thirty people each performed a three-minute set before a panel of judges who were allowed to heckle. Performers were encouraged to be creative and do whatever they wanted. I pretended to be a failed magician who was reviving his old act. Here's a short clip of me doing a card trick, sort of:

One week later, I performed in my very first roast battle (for anyone who doesn't know, that is when two comics go onstage and insult each other). I did not win but I had a blast. Here's a short, mildly NSFW video:

In addition to performing, I've been generating a lot of online video content in the past two months. In October I began a new web series called "Week in Review," which is a Daily Show-style commentary on current events. There are seven episodes so far, and I'll include a link to the most recent one.

Please be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel since there are literally too many videos to share in a monthly email, including other videos that I haven't even mentioned.

I have one very important show coming up: The New Comedian of the Year Competition at Magooby's Joke House in Timonium, MD. This is an annual competition, and a huge deal in the local comedy scene. The winner of the competition wins $1000 and three hosting gigs at the club. I'll be competing this Thursday (details below) and hopefully advancing to the final round, which is on December 22nd.

Here's a list of some upcoming shows:

New Comedian of the Year Competition
Magooby's Joke House
Baltimore, MD
8pm ~ $10, 2 drink min.

DEC 16
Carolina Kitchen
Washington, DC
Details TBA

DEC 22 (possibly)
New Comedian of the Year Competition
Magooby's Joke House
Baltimore, MD
8pm ~ $10, 2 drink min.

Cellar Door
Frederick, MD
details TBA


Be sure to keep an eye on my website for new updates. Thanks for reading!